Melanie is a PR Consulting wizard, holding your hand through something most of us hate doing. She simplifies and demystifies the process of promotion.
— Melinda Hill - Comedian/Actress/Writer
Since working with Melanie, my FB likes have gone from 54 to 1,231 and I am engaging with my clients in ways I didn’t understand before we began our working relationship. If you have any questions about how to use social media to promote your work, if you’re sitting there with tons of great “stuff” that no one knows about because you don’t know how to get it out there, Melanie Vesey is your only choice. Hire her. Now.”
— Kate Anthony Life Coach


Melanie is a PR consultant and owner of Promotional Rescue. She started her PR career at a Los Angeles boutique record label and quickly moved up the ranks to Vice-President of Public Relations using her talents as an accomplished director and writer to create and oversee quality content. She then transitioned into having her own PR firm where she helped award winning independent artists and creative small business owners grow their audience and visibility with much success through 1-on-1 PR consulting strategy sessions and workshops.

As a creative person herself she deeply understands the emotional, spiritual and financial challenges her clients face in promoting themselves and their work. As time went on she noticed a reoccurring theme with her clients who usually came to her in some sort of disarray about how to "get out there!"  Unsure of their next moves, unclear as to where to focus, and usually short on cash to hire a traditional PR firm, she noticed she was doing a waaaaay different kind of PR...she was doing Promotional Rescue

Melanie's passionate about helping people see their creative projects and creative small biz ideas through to larger opportunities like press, reviews, features and much more earning capacity. Because that's awesome. In addition to giving some solid direction from her years of experience, she also gives that vital support that ensures her clients reach their goals and don't crap out right before things are about to get good.

If you want to feel awesome about your promotion then set up a time for a free consultation. click the Let's Chat button and let's do this. 

Stay Gold, 

Melanie Vesey

#GirlBoss at Promotional Rescue


Thanks a million for bringing more visibility to my work than I have had in years. Of all the money spent on my current photography installation and book “Transfigure” your services and the exposure gained under your guidance was the best money spent of the entire project. Every penny was made invaluable by the number of new art fans I reached. Thanks again!!
— Leon Mostovoy Award Winning Photographer/Filmmaker


Promotional Rescue offers PR consulting, social media management, and artist management with a focus on independent artists and creative small business owners. 

The truth is we live in a world where pretty much anyone can start a business, make a movie, or record an album in their living room.  The great news is our dreams are closer than ever. The bad news is this creates a vast amount of saturation, making it feel almost impossible for our projects and creative small biz ideas to be seen and heard. That’s why, now more than ever; our dreams need help cutting through the static to get the attention they deserve.

One of the reasons why I launched Promotional Rescue was because I watched so many artists and creative small business owners think that the lack of success for their project was because the project was no good, but what I saw was a FINE project, but a BAD promoter. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is good at everything. Everyone needs help, direction and a fresh pair of eyes to make sure you are being of ultimate service to your project. 

You didn't spend the last however many years writing a memoir, producing an album. writing/directing your film, busting your butt to land a co-starring role, or launching your small biz to have it sit in some dark corner of the internet. No freaking way. In order for you get your goods in front of more eyeballs you need direction and support. 

A Three Step Process To Nail Your Promotion 





How Do You Look Online?

Your creative project or small biz may have been born in a basement, but it doesn't have to look that way. Are you attractive to record labels, book publishers, indie producers, or even your own audience? Let's fix that. You will walk away from Your Image session knowing how to...

  • Capture and chose photos that make you look fantastic. 
  • Create beautiful images for your website and social media on the cheap.
  • Give your bio and descriptions WOW factor to attract those larger oppertunities that will lead to more money.  


Are You Sharing Effectively?

Most people have no freaking idea how social media works and even if you do, you need a plan. Social media can be an epic time suck and not knowing what the heck you're doing will create a huge learning curve and even more time wasted. You will walk away from your Social Media session knowing how to...

  • Chose which platforms are best for you and which ones you can leave alone.
  • Create engaging content and know when to share it. 
  • Construct a strategy to authentically grow a loyal audience that comes to your shows, fills your workshops, buys your art, and hires you! 
YOUR IMAGE (2).png

Feel Gross Selling Yourself?

That's why you need to stop SELLING! I will support you through the process of changing your prospective about this vital part of the process. You will walk away from your Outreach session knowing how to...

  • Connect with press, reviewers and healthy collaborations that create lasting relationships so you don't have to SELL yourself. 
  • Capitalize on the features you do get so you get even more. 
  • Use gratitude to connect so you don't feel like a greedy ego driven monster and scare everyone away. 


Doing these out of order is a rookie move that will lead to very little results, and you don't want that. I want to share with you my knowledge so you feel freaking AWESOME about your promotion. 


If you're super passionate about your music, film, acting career, writing, and or new creative biz idea, but aren't sure how to get it out of your head, off your hard drive and out into the world OR you've put it out there, but aren't seeing results, then I can help. 

I Work With People Who Are Ready To Rock n' Roll

As a creative person and small biz owner myself, I understand your time and financial situation, which is that you probably aren't swimming in it. You want to be told what to do and put it into motion ASAP. 

I Work With People Who Can NOT Wait To Stop Wasting Their Time In A Dark Corner Of The Internet 

Who wants to waste another day screwing around trying to figure what the hell to do, only to find out what you've done isn't working? 

I Work With People Who Are Ready To Face Their Fears About The Next Level 

If you want to look like a pro online, learn how to use social media to reach your new loyal audience and connect with press, reviewers, and healthy collaborators then we should talk. 

I Work With People Who Want To Feel AWESOME About Their Promotion 





I know that time and money can really be a huge obstacle when it comes to your promotion. What I suggest is, find that amount you can afford every month to invest in you and your project. You should be able to sustain that amount for at least 3-6 months to get started and 6-12 months to start seeing real results. 

Traditional PR costs anywhere from $3,000-$7,000 a month with a 3-6 month guarantee. Ouch!! That's why I've created 4 affordable packages so no matter what your budget is, you can get the help you need. 




If you want individual attention, a tailor made strategy and direct contact with an experienced PR consultant for maximum impact ASAP, then 1-on-1 PR consulting is for you. 


I offer monthly workshops that deliver all the valuable info that's available in my 1-on-1 consulting package in a group setting at a super affordable price. 



 With videos and step by step instructions this downloadable online package will be filled with all the info you need to teach you the basics on how to be a pro at self promotion.

Coming FALL 2017

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Promotional Therapy 

If you've worked with me 1-on-1, attended a workshop or finished the online program, then you qualify for monthly Promotional Therapy sessions. Either private or in a group, these laser focused sessions will keep you on track and maintaining the momentum we generated in our previous work together.