Promotional Rescue Social Media 101 Workshop

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Social Media Workshop 5%2F7 2017 - Social Media.png

Promotional Rescue Social Media 101 Workshop

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Even if you don't think you need Promotional Rescue...YOU DO!

– Fielding Edlow - Comedian / Writer

If you're trying to get butts in seats, eyeballs on your work or trying to make more moola from your artistic gifts and or small biz then Social Media should be your BEST FRIEND, but so many just don't get "how it works" or worry that they're wasting their time! 

This workshop is PERFECT for Indie Artists (Actors, Musicians, Writers, Filmmakers, Stand-Up Comedians, Artists, etc.) AND Creative Small Biz Owners (Etsy Shop Owners, Fashion Designers, Makeup Artists, Coaches and or anything else you do to earn moola!!) 

If you’ve said things like –

  • Do I really need to be on Twitter? I just don't get it! 
  • Why can't I just buy followers?  
  • But I don't want to feel like a braggy bag of douche! 
  • How do I get more people to my  ___________________ (show or event name here)?

If you’ve got some confusion around your self-promotion and how social media plays a big part then the Social Media 101 Workshop is your next stop! 

If you’re ready to -

  • Update your image online so you ATTRACT an audience? (Yes, PLEASE!)
  • Finally learn how social media works! (Seriously! Twitter?!!?)
  • Boost the numbers on all your social media platforms with REAL people who are looking for you. (DUH!!)
  • Earn more money from doing what you love! (F*** YES!!)
  • Stop feeling like crap about your self-promotion. (Uuuummm REALLY?)

“The Promotional Rescue Workshop was a game changer for me” -  Jordon Wolan – Activation Hypnosis

I’m a PR Consultant with years of experience helping people ranging from iconic Grammy nominated rock stars to first time newbies with zero social media presence get their small biz and or creative project in front of the audience that’s looking for them.

I’m passionate about this work and I want to help you too!

Please join me May 7th from 10am-2pm at The Clown House (334 W. Pico Blvd) in Downtown LA for this intensive workshop.

The info I give in this workshop for $150, I give in my 1-on-1 PR Consulting sessions for $1350.00!

I keep the workshop small so I can give individual attention. Space is Limited!

I hope to see you there!!

Melanie Vesey

#GirlBoss Promotional Rescue