My dreams and ideas have never felt more possible. Big LOVE for Mrs. Vesey!!
— Michael "Bubba" Rowan / Stylist

Once you've worked with me 1-on-1, in a workshop or taken an online course you qualify for Promotional Therapy. We can talk on the phone or if you live in the LA area, we can meet in person. 

In our everyday life we have people we need to check in with to make sure we aren't going off the rails. Therapists, life coaches, 12 step meetings, personal trainers, and or irreplaceable BFF's. However, even though promotion is one of the biggest keys to keeping your project afloat, you are probably going it alone. 

In our sessions we created a plan for you to reach your goals, but if you want to see continued results and get even more growth and engagement, it means you need keep on keepin' on! 

Promotional Therapy is a monthly one hour session designed to....

  • Educate you on new social media trends. 
  • Stick to the promotional calendar we created for you. 
  • Help you engage in healthy collaborations so you continue to grow your audience authentically. 
  • Help you get your upcoming announcement (record release, book launch, one person show, film screening, small biz launch, etc.) the attention it deserves! 
  • Keep you feeling FREAKING AWESOME about your promotion!!